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Steve Lukather Interview PDF Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Administrator   
Giovedì 04 Giugno 2009 20:41


Hi Luke, for us from ggmstudios (Official ToTo Italian Fanclub) it’s an honour to have an interview with you, as there are always a lot of requests from all your fans !!!

GGM: Have you already chosen the title of your new record as soloist ? When do you think it will be ready ?

LUKE: Yeah it's called "Ever Changing Times" due Feb 08.

GGM: Are you going to leave with a tour as soloist ? Members of “El Grupo” will come with you or are you going to bring with you the artists, with whom you have recorded the album ?

LUKE: Yes I will be touring, probably starting in May 08. I have a few Toto commitments in Japan and southeast asia and possibly Australia before I go out on my own. I hope Steve Weingart is gonna come as he played on the record but we will see. Its early yet and I have to get that all together. Gotta get the record out first. haha

GGM: You are going to become father, has this experience given you new inspirations in your compositions, have you written something for her ?

LUKE: Well, I found out I was gonna be a Daddy again about the 3rd week into the solo record and I have written all the songs but yeah, I am excited and freaked out all at the same time. My wife is due very soon. Her name will be Lily.

GGM: Your fans all over the world are waiting with impatience your DVD Live in Paris … can you give us some news in advance about recorded back stage ?

LUKE: Well as we wanted to put the WHOLE show on the DVD we didnt have room for silly backstage stuff. look on the Totonetwork for that stuff in the coming months.

I just gave my OK to the mixes yesterday. It should be out early 08. We mant to get it out earlier but we have been touring so much it made it impossible.

GGM: We have noted with pleasure that in America you have called back in your exhibitions Fergie and Joseph. It has been great to see them again with you on the stage and to hear the duets with Bobby. What did you feel in being again with them on the stage after so long time ?

LUKE: Joe and I have always remained good friends and he is just singing better than ever. Fergoe was great too and we have saetrtled all out differences now. he is a good guy and is singing great as well. It brought back ALOT of memories and we had alot of laughs as well. I think you may see these guys with us on the 30th anniversary, which actually may be the 31st due to scheduling. haha

GGM: During this year you had a lot of dates in America … do you think that you approached again your American fans ?

LUKE: Well the fans were great but we lost money. Its so expensive for us to tour 1ith 14 people and 2 trucks, 2 busses and all that we just cant do it anymore aside from a spotted date here or there. NO ONE wants to tour with us. We tried everyone and just got no no no from all that were asked. I think at this point we will just concede we are an international band and go where people want to see us. The audiences in Europe and abroad have been very young and way into it and we did great busicness so there is a big world out there for us to play in. Most bands in the USA dont do well overseas so we got them there. Its a shame but it is what it is. I dont want to go on the road and be away from home for no money? It IS a job and I do have bills and kids and a wife etc... and I am gonna be 50 not 20 so hey, we tried. Not enough people came to see us to make it worth our while.

GGM: In this tour Mike has been substituted (excellently) with Sklar, how has this choice happened ? How do you work with him ?

LUKE: I miss Mikey alot. He is trying to heal so send prayers as they help alot! Lee has done a tremendous job and besides his brilliant playing he has ben a godsend tio me to have a friend of 30 years out there keeping me laughing. He will stick with us till Mike is well and back playin with us again.

GGM: XXX Anniversary Tour is coming closer and all fans are wondering if you are organizing something special for this great event. Can you give us some information ?

LUKE: Its still early yet but we are gonna make it VERY special and I have some positive news aboyt some guys comin back to do at least some of the tour. Toto needs to take a break for awhile as we have been touring for 2 years straight and I have my record and tour so we will see how it all works out.

GGM: ToTonetwork has approached fans all over the world to you, giving them the possibility to be always in contact with the whole band. Are you satisfied about the results, obtained until now ?

LUKE: Well its still a work in progess and I am very happy with the results so far. we need to work harder on it bjt as we have been on tour so much its makes it harder cause there is alwasy so much goin on and we need some sleep too. hahaha. It is growing in membership and thats a great thing!

GGM: During your extraordinary career you have worked with a lot of artists coming from all over the world. Has someone of them left something special in you heart and why ?

LUKE: Jeez, hard question to answer cause there have been so many. I have had a chance to work with almost all my hero's at one point or another in all styles of music. I have over 30 years in and it has gone by fast. I am just happy to still be doin it all. The biz has changed SO much but I was haoppy to be in the heyday of it all before machines and idol shows and took over. haha

GGM: Now one gossip question, hahahahaha, what do you like to do when you are not playing the guitar ? Have you some particular hobby ?

LUKE: Yeah sleep. haha I really just like to relax and read. i go to out other house in the desert and sometimes play golf badly with my friends that are non musicians. Just regular stuff any of you guys would do really. I like the simple life . The road is so hectic, people know you that you dont know and its kinda weird. I like being not very famous in the USA. I can be a normal guy.

GGM: We have listened to some new pieces recorded by your son Trevor, it is really very COOL, what do you recognize of yourself in him ?

LUKE: He is a major talent. Great songwriter and he is gonna be famous I predict. He wrote and played on 2 songs on my new solo record and has  a bunch of major labels looking at signing him right now. You will be getting a record from him next year.

GGM: During this year you had exhibitions in new locations as Dubay, Iceland … what did you feel in playing in these new places ? Are you going to come back there ?

LUKE: I LOVE going to new places and and we did great biz so I am hoping we get to go back at some point!

GGM: Do you wish to greet in some particular way ggmstudios and all your fans ?


LUKE: I just want to thank all of you for the love and support and hope to see you all soon

God Bless


copyright by ggmstudios



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